What others are saying about working with Michelle…



“I first connected with Michelle in November of 2012, and the services and support provided by Michelle Have changed my life. Even though I am over 300 miles away from Michelle and her services, I still feel very connected to her and feel as I am an integral part of her workshops. I really felt supported by Michelle, every step of the way in each of the workshops I have participated in. In seven months Michelle’s teaching has helped me to shed just over 50 lbs and has me on the way to my new life and a whole new me. Michelle offers support, tools, tecniques and advice that work with an array of different dietary and physical needs. I feel blessed to have her helping me to realize my own goals and desires and helping me to break through my own preconceived notions about myself and what I am capable of. She has helped me to realize I am worth it and I can do it!”

Cara C.

Sacramento Ca



“Michelle has been my health coach for about 6 years. There’s nobody else out there that would be available by phone call or e-mail like she is. She has taught me a lot and helped me to see things in a totally different way. I recommend her to my local friends and family, and I recommend her to those of you that I don’t know! With her help I was able to lose 82 lbs. Look no further for a Health Coach!! Can’t say enough good things about her, I can guarantee her coaching works! ”

Stacey E.

Herber Springs Ak



“I was ready to learn tools to live a healthier lifestyle, lose a little weight and just feel better. All three goals have been achieved. Michelle is an excellent health coach with so much insight into nutrition and paying attention to your own body.”


Vanessa D.

Phoeniz AZ


”If you ever want to learn more about organic, clean eating or just want to take a holistic approach to better health, I recommend Michelle. She’s very attentive and has great info.”

Kim B.

Rancho Cucamonga CA



“Before working with Michelle my main health concerns were low-energy, high LDL cholesterol controlled by taking a prescription cholesterol-lowering medication, extra body fat, and occasional heartburn. Michelle helped me to be less critical and judgmental of myself in terms of my previous dieting failures. I now start my day with lemon water, have discovered many new healthy foods and smoothies, and even discovered some foods I am sensitive to that I was previously unaware of. I lost 5 pounds the last time I did a detox with Michelle! Now I am ready to detox again , and am very appreciative that Michelle allows her clients to repeat this detox program at no additional charge!”

Lonna S.

Ankeny IA

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