More Reasons to Enjoy Chia Seeds

*Here is a quick tip, When adding Chia seeds to shakes and smoothies, add in a tablespoon after you have done your blending, this gives the seed a chance to “bulk up” and get that gel like consistency providing great texture to your smoothie and the extra fibrous bulk to help cleanse as it passes through the digestive track!

Great Greens

Greens are great, eat them every day for better health! It’s summer time and greens are growing in abundance! Eating seasonally is cheaper and more enjoyable as the foods are fresher and more tasty when eaten in season, salads make a great meal anytime but especially in the summer as they have a cooling effect on the body, and they wont weigh you down with a heavy digestive load, So eat away, stuff yourself on filling, fiber and nutrient filled glorious greens!