About Michelle


Hi, I’m Michelle and I am grateful that you stopped by!

I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart Ryan for 20 years now, we have 3 children, Christian 18, Victoria 15 and Olivia 10, we do a “Blended Learning” school style here in our home, that simply means that our kids (well now only our youngest 2 since our Son started college this year!) go to a brick and mortar school only a couple of days a week and the rest is done right here around our dining room table! It’s really the best of both worlds, when they are on campus their class sizes are incredibly small and they get to be with their piers and do “normal” school activities like PE and join fun clubs, but we also get to experience homeschool life and do the things that are important to our family, such as devotions and scripture reading around the table, so it’s really a win win!

I am certified in Holistic health coaching and love to help my friends and family live a healthy life to the fullest while staying sane and learning to be “gracious” in the process, it’s about progress and not perfection!

I LOVE farm life and find myself drawn to the simplicity of growing your own food, raising chickens, canning fruits and veggies and making my own jam and of course that farmhouse style!! Only one problem though… We live in a Southern California suburb, with a little less than a quarter acre of land….

Not ideal, but for now, this is where God has us! We are on a mission to transform our partially updated 1955 home into my farmhouse dream and would love to take you along for the ride!



One thought on “About Michelle

  1. I absolutely love that Michelle is so passionate about her work & helping others. As far as the Plexus products, I am getting amazing results & absolutely love that Michelle was able to recommend this company to my friends & I.

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