Introducing Sweep and Shop!!!

I’m so excited about this!!! It takes my passion of helping others, shopping, cleaning and healthy foods and rolls them all into one awesome experience!

Okay, so what the heck  is this awesome experience all about?


Have you ever seen one of those reality type shows where some health guru comes into the home of a normal everyday American family and goes through their pantry and fridge with them and helps them get rid of everything that is not health promoting or nutritious??


Do any of these foods look familiar?

Then goes with them to a local health food store and helps them restock their shelves with nutritious health promoting food and even creates one or two delicious recipes with them right in the comfort of their own kitchen?

female chopping food ingredients

Have you ever wished you could have this experience in your own home? ?

Now you can (minus the camera crew!) !  I offer just this opportunity to those of you that live within a 50 mi radios to the 92407 zip code. (I’d be willing to travel farther but you need to contact me so we can talk details! ) During our scheduled sweep and shop day, I will arrive at your home ready to navigate with you through your pantry and fridge and help you decode labels and understand what might not be so optimal for you and your families nutritional needs,then its time to say bye-bye to those not so nutritious foods!


Once we get done with the “sweep” it will be time to shop, we will go to the most conveniently located health food or natural food store near you (such as Trader Joe’s, Sprouts or Whole Foods)  and I will help you navigate through the aisles and answer questions, make suggestions and even offer great and family friendly alternatives to some of your most loved foods.


Let’s take the “scary” out of shopping for healthy foods!

Once we are done at the store we will return to your home, restock your pantry and make one or two simple recipes for you and your family to enjoy right away! This package also includes printed recipes and resource links for you to continue going on your new and improved lifestyle! From start to finish you can expect to make a day of it spending anywhere from 3 to 6 hours together!




So here is my question for you?

What might you gain from having a trained expert in the nutrition field make a house call and show you what it takes to turn your pantry, fridge and life around? If you have been struggling with excess weight, blood sugar imbalances, chronic illness, kids with ADD ADHD, food sensitivities, mood swings, constipation, digestive disorders or if just want to practice good preventative medicine with your lifestyle and nutrition choices but don’t know where to start. Then this package is for you!  Contact me today for availability and to schedule your date and time, I am also here to answer any questions you might have about this package!  For pricing of this package and other programs check out my “services” tab .

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