What’s The Big Deal About Essential Oils Anyway?



You may have seen the growing popularity of essential oils circulating on the internet lately and thought to yourself, what is this new fad? The truth is essential oils are not new, they have been around and have been a viable source of natural remedies for a millennia.


I am certain that essential oils were one of God’s designs for medicine (along with foods and other natural sources) and that is why I affectionately refer to them as “God’s pharmacy”

There are many essential oils and many uses for them today. In fact I find myself saying “there’s an oil for that” quite often among the many complaints of aches, pains and troubles that people face on a daily basis. In our current day and age we have been taught that going to the doctor and getting a prescription is the way to handle our sickness’ and ailments to the point that we look at something as natural as a “plant essence” as uncivilized at best and “woo woo new age” at worst. I hope to help clear up any confusion and tell you that is simply not the case!

Essential oils are age old wisdom, I want you to think of a plant that grows in nature, take peppermint for example, the plant was created to thrive, to fight off harsh elements, disease, fungi bacterial threats etc..
The essence of the plant or its essential oil within is literally the “life blood” of the plant. It is the plants own defense mechanism that will protect it against such threats.

When you take a plant and steam distill all of this “essence” (not all essential oil manufactures use steam distillation, but doTERRA does!) out of it, what you have is a very powerful, very concentrated natural medicine. For every chemical pharmaceutical on the market today, there is a remedy found in nature that it has copied, that is something to really think about.

As a holistic health coach it is my passion to use the most natural means when treating my family, my clients and even my own ailments. As a mom it gives me joy when my child says to me, “mom, my ear hurts, can you rub some oil on it?” she asks for this because she knows it makes her feel better, she has no other agenda. Essential oils are good safe medicine, plain and simple.

Are you intrigued? Does what you have just read make sense to you? I invite you to watch the brief and informative video below and get to know doTERRA brand essential oils a little better, and here about the “Family Physician Kit” one of doTERRA’s most popular choices!

I know what you are going to say “But Michelle, those oils are too expensive!” Really…. they are not. Or “Michelle, do they really work?” Take a look at the cost break down and time of effectiveness of a doTERRA oil (which is a certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil by the way) vs. a traditional pharmaceutical remedy:

For a child’s fever: peppermint oil 33 cents vs 50 cents of traditional medicine
peppermint oil for fever works in 5-10 min vs 30+ for traditional med

For ear infection: Lavender & Melaleuca oils 64 cents vs Doctors visit and antibiotics $28.99
Lavender & Melaleuca oils works in 1 day vs 7-10 days of antibiotics (not to mention the damage that unnecessary antibiotics cause to stomach flora and gut health)

These are just 2 simple examples of how doTERRA essential oils can positively influence the health and financial savings in your home!

Make sure to watch the video below to the end to hear about the special offer from me! Also if you join as a wellness associate in July and have a qualifying pv order of 100 doTERRA will give you $50 in free product value as a thank you! This is the month to join if you have been sitting on the fence, take advantage of this great deal!


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