21 Ways to Romance Your Husband This Valentine’s Day


Welcome ladies! So, yesterday I posted ways that our husbands can romance us this valentines day and today we are going to focus on ways to romance him! 21 ways to be exact!! Are you ready to find some idea’s that help inspire you to tap into your romantic side this valentines day? Great, lets get started!

  1. Start the day by making his coffee and breakfast, heart shaped pancakes and a valentine note next to his plate are a good idea! Oh, and if your man likes bacon (and I have yet to meet one that doesn’t) splurge and make him some! There are many healthier options, just leave the heavily processed pressed fake bacon behind and opt for uncured nitrite and nitrate free from an ethical source!
  2. Write a message on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker, or with your finger in the steam after he gets out of the shower (you can make it a steamy message!)
  3. Send him a text during his work day telling him something you love about him
  4. Send him a picture text during his work day of you wearing something pretty (or perhaps nothing at all, if you are bold enough)
  5. Be bold enough!
  6. Laugh, smile and flirt with him
  7. Be engaged, give him your full attention
  8. Make sure you feel pretty, if you feel pretty you will be more able to be fun, flirty and free
  9. Create an atmosphere, make your home a haven for him (as best you can) try to create a place of calmness vs a place of chaos when he walks through the door
  10. Go on an adventure with him and be his companion! Hike, bike, take a train, visit a new town, if your man is into fishing and hunting go with him (just maybe not on valentine’s day, but you get the idea)
  11. Kiss him passionately when he walks through the door, let him know he has been on your mind and you are so glad to see him
  12. Tell him he is handsome and sexy and strong and why you can’t stop thinking about him
  13. Do a project together, build something, paint something or just for fun build a fort in the living room for just the two of you.
  14. Go on a date to one of those paint your own ceramics places and make a gift for each other
  15. Go on a date and wear something you feel absolutely confident and beautiful in, do your hair and your make up, and then smile and accept his compliments!
  16. Take a hot and steamy bath together, perhaps while enjoying a glass of wine or champaign
  17. Get the kids to bed early so the two of you can get to bed early
  18. Wear something pretty and lacy that he has never seen before to bed or perhaps hasn’t seen for a long time, refresh his memory
  19. Give him a massage with the assistance of essential oils that will act as an aphrodisiac such as myrrh, black pepper, pine, ylang ylang, ginger and Balance blend  just mix a few drops of these oils into an unscented base or carrier oil such as coconut oil or sweet almond and oil and message into his back (and rest of his body)
  20. Be adventurous in the bedroom, leave soft lights on, candles or a string of white lights etc.. Play music, diffuse essential oils that boost your libido such as geranium, ylang ylang, ginger, and lime.
  21. Express gratitude, be thankful for your husband, love him, respect him, pray for him, pursue him, make him feel like the luckiest guy in the world to have you by his side!

Again, don’t forget the bacon! Happy Valentines Day!

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Husbands! Romance Your Wives This Valentines Day :)



Gentlemen! It’s that time of year again, where red roses and heart shaped chocolate boxes are lining the store shelves, when romance is in the air and YOU, yes you are carrying the pressure of what to do for your wife this year that is better than last year and better than what your buddy is doing for his wife! So what is the big deal about Valentines day anyway? Well, I will let you in on a little secret, we women like to be romanced! We like to be noticed, we like to be thought of, we like to feel pursued! And you as our husbands  take the position of honor when it comes to fulfilling this mission! I thought I would put together some thoughts to help you get into your wife’s head a little bit better this Valentines day and  give you some tools to really wow her! Are you ready? Good, lets dig in 🙂


Say it!

How beautiful you are, my darling!
    Oh, how beautiful!
    Your eyes are doves.

Take it from King Solomon in Song of Solomon, he knew how to be generous with his words in complementing his bride! Now you may not want to use some of the same imagery as he did, such as comparing certain parts of her body to small woodland animals, however… He was a wise man indeed when it came to lavishing  his wife with complements, he USED DETAIL! Don’t miss this one guys,  detail is VERY important to your wife. What about her is beautiful, be specific and creative with your compliments, you wont be sorry!



Do it big! 



Okay, maybe not that big, but don’t skimp! Does she mean the world to you? Then show her 🙂 plan in advance some ways to let her know you were intentional about romancing her. This means, have a plan (now would be a good time) and execute it well. Don’t stop at flowers and a card (though those are a great place to start!) make the goal be for your wife to wonder how she got so lucky to have a husband who put so much thought into loving her well!


Study Her!


No matter how many years you have been married, there is always more you can learn about your wife. What is her favorite color? What is her favorite flower? You should know this guys! And if you don’t, now is a good time to find out. How does she like to be pursued? When does she feel loved? How does she like to be touched? She will give you clues, such as pulling away=no like or leaning in close= like. One of the most loving things you can do for your wife when it comes to romancing her is to never stop honing your own skills, don’t let things get boring, but instead be intentional about finding new ways to let her know she is still the one for you!


Make Her Your One and Only!



Do NOT compare your wife to ANY other woman! She is your wife, her beauty is your standard of beauty. Let her know that no one else will ever do and no one else could ever come close, and don’t just say this, believe it! Live as a man with integrity, a man that is faithful and a man that willingly forsakes all others for the good of his marriage. Your wife will be able to come into her own beauty when she does not fear that she cannot ever measure up to the worlds standard of beauty. Love her earnestly and valiantly and this will romance her soul!


Be a Giver!



This Valentines day, give give give, without worrying about what you will get! Take the time, put in the effort, and take it slow. Gifts are wonderful, but not all gifts have to come from a store. Write her a note, or several love notes for her to find through out the day, buy her or pick her fresh flowers and put them all around the house, write her a poem, sing her a song, just make sure your attitude is to give her your love, she will feel this and that is what she is really hoping for!


One last thought, do these things all year long and not just on Valentines day! Your wife and your marriage are an amazing gift and just like any investment you will always get out of it what you put into it! Enjoy romancing your wife this valentines day, and be sure to have her check back here tomorrow to find out about 21 ways to romance you!