A Word About Weighing In

For much of my life the scale has been my nemesis, my foe and my enemy…….. I hated it, feared it, avoided it as much as possible, can you relate? If I’m talking to you, you know who you are….  and still, we are drawn to it in a strange way again and again, aren’t we? I gave it and what it told me the authority to proclaim my worth and proclaim my identity, an identity that I tried desperately to run away from or hoped to outgrow and when that didn’t work I tried to hide from it, as a child, an adolescent and finally as a grown woman. I started my first diet at 9 years old!

Over the years I have gone on countless diets, some worked well for a short time while others bombed, and well, NO MORE!  We live in a society that is driven by “beauty” in particular slimness, we are told we must look a certain way, weigh a certain amount, have a certain hair style and so on and so on in order to be beautiful, It’s a hard world to please, to high of a standard to attain if you ask me!

Health, true health, is a beautiful thing, the scale is just 1 set of eyes, it can be used as a tool to let you know if you are going in the right direction BUT please do not give it the power to proclaim to you your worth, sometimes you might love it and what it has to tell you, it is suddenly your best friend having the ability to make the sun shine brighter that day….  still other times you might not be so happy with it, and want to through that stupid thing out the window… right? admit it, you have been there too. It has taken me a while to learn who I really am, and now that I have stopped “dieting” and successfully released 115 lb’s through healthy eating and exercise and proper emotional and spiritual health, I have a much nicer relationship with the scale, and still I have to keep that darn thing in check! I’m only human and I’m still workin on it!

Here are a few things to consider when you are weighing in…..

  • Is this a good day/time to weigh myself? Are you getting enough rest, drinking enough water, retaining water? Have you been exercising, eating well? Having regular bowel movements? Have you been in a good emotional state? All of these things factor into the reading on the scale (and you thought it was all about diet!) If this is not a good day or time, then don’t weigh in, wait until it is a good time. This is not a race, this is a journey…
  • Before you step on the scale remind yourself…I am a person of extreme worth and value, the number reflected here is only a tool that I may use to help me on my journey to better health, I am created to be me, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I am unique, there is only one me.
  • Celebrate the victories and let the set backs motivate you to move forward, If you have released some weight since your last weigh in, smile! Be grateful! Celebrate by sharing your joy with others, make sure you do not celebrate with dessert! (been there done that!) If you have not released any weight or even added a little back on (it happens) then, DO NOT beat yourself up! give up, or despair, use it as a motivator to move forward, change up your routine seek some advice if needed (health coaches are great for this) You deserve the best health possible!  
  • Do not become attached to the scale (literally, I have seen people obsessively weigh several times a day, don’t do this! ) Chose the amount of times per month you want to track your weight and then weigh no more than this, In my opinion once or twice per month is enough. I weigh myself once every 3 weeks, this works for me, I am still accountable to myself this way, but I am not obsessing about the number or the weigh in day.
  • And finally…… get a good fabric tape measure and get your measurements with your weight! You have probably heard that muscle weighs more than fat right? Well it’s true! So what this means is that, if you are eating good nutritious meals and exercising and the scale is staying the same or even moving up a little, you could be burning fat and building lean muscle mass, this is where your tape measure will come in handy, keep a log of your measurements  if your inches are coming off, even if the scale is moving up, you are losing fat! And yes this has happened to me too! It’s actually a good thing, muscle burns fat, we want lean muscle mass, if the inches are going down, you are doing great! I hope these tips are useful for you and that you have found some encouragement here!            

2 thoughts on “A Word About Weighing In

  1. I need to print this and keep it with my scale!! Thanks for posting this, I needed this today! Your success and posts are such an inspiration, keep up.the good work.

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