Good Morning Mango Smoothie

This smoothie is made from ripe mango and a young Thai coconut and it tastes wonderful! Chock full of potassium and is great for hydration! Coconut products have gained some popularity in recent times but a word of caution when shopping for coconut products is to make sure they are organic and free of additives such as sulfur dioxide (may also be listed as  metabisulfites) a preservative. These toxic chemicals are also used to preserve some dried fruits, they are highly toxic to the human body, and some people can have very bad, even deadly allergic reactions to these additives, so be where!! Now back to the benefits of these all natural straight from nature ingredients…. Mangoes are rich in amino acids, vitamin C and E, flavonoids, beta carotene, niacin, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. Coconuts are amazing in many ways, there water very closely resembles human blood plasma and in fact has been used in such emergency situations! Also high in potassium, low in carbs, low in sugar, low in sodium and high in natural electrolytes making it a great replenisher after a work out… Call it a natural gatorade!  If you have never enjoyed a young thai coconut or have shied away because they look too complicated, I want to encourage you to give them a try, their “meat” is creamy and custard like, the water is soo flavorful and well… they are just worth the extra effort of cracking them open and enjoying! Our kids love em! sometimes we just forgo the cup or even using them in a recipe and stick a straw right into the coconut for a highly nutritious and  satisfying beverage!

Here is what you will need for this nutritious smoothie….

1 young Thai coconut

1 ripe mango

1 ripe banana

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp ground flax seeds

1 tsp cinnamon

3 or 4 ice cubes

First take your thai coconut and a large and very sharp chef’s or butcher knife

place your coconut on it’s side on your cutting board like so…

you are going to want to cut it in a “hacking” motion all the way around the crown of the coconut

like this 🙂

Now… comes the fun part 😉

you will have to start to “hack” into this thing in one spot over and over until you hear it crack

and see water come gushing out, when this happens, set it up right and find the crack (you may need your knife to help you)

and pull it open, like a lid…

now take all that yummy nutritious water and pour it into your blender

like so…

then scrape out all that custardy goodness on the inside

and throw that into your blender as well as the banana, chia, flax, cinnamon, and ice

now cut up your mango

add it to the rest of the goodies in the blender and whip it up til smooth!

pour into your glass, add a straw and a tropical umbrella if you happen to have one lying around and


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