Inspire Yourself

Recently I saw this picture of a family “creed” painted on a living room wall and it SO inspired me! I loved what it had to say, it inspired me to look for something similar to have in my own home….. Then a couple of weeks later when I was out shopping for some Easter gifts, I stumbled upon something similar that I just loved! I purchased it, and gave it to my family on Easter morning. I have since rearranged a wall of photos in my home with this beauty as the center piece and I LOVE how it looks and what it stands for!  It is full of hope, it makes a proclamation to those who enter in and it reminds us that we are a family, we are a team and we are in this together! It’s so very important that we keep a vigilant eye on the things that we encounter, and allow to take up mental residence, whether it comes from TV, computer, magazines, advertising etc.. What are you filling your mind with? What messages are you receiving and accepting as truth? Are they good ones? Do they inspire you? Give you hope? Make you grateful for your life and your loved ones? If not I would like to encourage and even challenge you if I may to seek out life-giving inspiration for yourself and others. There is plenty of negativity going around, there is no lack of bad news, or advertising to make you feel like you are not “enough” and you don’t have “enough”. The truth is life is an exceptional gift, God has already presented us with everything  that we need to proceed forward and embrace this great journey! Embrace life, embrace truth, inspire yourself, inspire others, seek hope, love, forgiveness, gratitude, health and…  Do it everyday! Weed out the bad and bring in the good. Tell a story on your walls, make a proclamation, direct others toward hope and integrity, be a different kind of family then the standard American one, don’t settle for “standard” stop at nothing short of extraordinary!